Giving back is a key cornerstone of the Clarkson Charger philosophy. A school with genuine heart that both highlights successes and helps the underdog, Clarkson has always shone when it comes to charity, altruism and goodwill. We want Alumni to give back in more ways than one, which includes your time. It could be a one-shot deal, or a bigger time commitment. Whatever you’re willing to give is needed and appreciated! There are many ways to participate. Your skills, experience, connections – all of these things you bring to the table will help mentor, lead and guide the students to achieving their maximum potential. All areas are important. All people matter. Come help out – let us know your ideas, or we can tell you where help is needed!

Expectations of a Volunteer:
* Volunteer – 2-3 hours/month, (help as needed with various events, Career workshop volunteer,Career workshop speaker, general volunteer, event participant or supervisor,etc)
* Mentor – 2-3 hours/month, (consistent contact/outreach with student)

Expectations of a Committee Chair/Executive Board:
* Chair/Executive – 2-3 hours/month (Runs committee mtgs, participates in Partner meetings, various other involvement)

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