We have an amazing groups of young ladies B.L.E.S.S (Black Ladies Empowering Student Success) who are putting together activities for Black History Month. We would like to feature Clarkson Alumni who identify as Black/African-American to highlight during Black History Month. If you’re willing to participate please complete the following survey:

    1) Name and email

    2) Year you graduated?

    3) your current career and/or any volunteer work

    4) your post secondary degrees/certification/diplomas

    5) what inspired you to pursue this career pathway

    6) words of wisdom for current students

    7) Please provide a photo of yourself that may be used on social media sites:

    8) Professional resume/achievements/etc. LinkedIn User? You can save a copy of your profile or another LinkedIn member’s profile as a resume in a PDF from the introduction card on your profile.

    I agree to allow ClarksonAlumni.org and Clarkson Secondary School to publish, copyright, and use pictures of me and/or my story in print and electronic formats such as publications, videos, projects, and websites that help advance ClarksonAlumni.org and Clarkson Secondary School development initiatives. I understand that my picture or story may be published in any of these media without restriction. I understand that I will not receive payment or other compensation for use of my story or photos.