The Clarkson Secondary School Alumni Association (CSSAA) is comprised of graduates, parents of graduates, and long-time Clarkson Secondary School supporters. The CSS Alumni Association truly represents the best of Clarkson Secondary School. We would like to invite you to join the CSSAA and help bring forth our vision of a united Clarkson community. Alumni and friends of CSS have come together in their endeavor to enhance Clarkson and its graduates through life-long involvement. Our intent is to support students, alumni, and the community by providing graduating students with scholarships, student and alumni mentoring, and to reconnect with other alumni.

The Association is governed by an Executive Board, which meets monthly to ensure that the Association remains true to its mission and goals. A President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected annually.





Alumni are actively encouraged to be involved in the Association. All alumni are welcome to become members of the Executive Board and to serve on one of the Association’s committees ranging from Career Workshops to alumni events.